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The transfer between account balances.
Published on 14-06-2017

The transfer between purchase balance and internal balance will be available only after notification will be sent to registered account email.

Site updated
Published on 21-05-2017

Site script updated to new version.
30.04. contest results:
1 plam6688 1464.34 - 5
2 zMonitor 53.30 - 2
3 skj 29.60 -1 
4 Valaxr 29.40 0.50
Prizes added manually.


Damaged HDD 30.11.2016.
Published on 01-12-2016

Unfortunately HDD from server is damaged. And no possible to recovery users data. This say in the data center... temporary run on other server from 30.11.2016. archive. - we will recreate site and You will need to register again. Please register with same full name and payment data. Because 1 user has not received payment from us.


Free traffic exchange
Published on 05-10-2016

We added rewards for Free Traffic surfers. After 100 website views You get real money bonus to main or advertising balance.
Surf now!

New Oferwall Minutestaff
Published on 07-09-2016

We added MinuteStaff offerwall.
Please always read instructions before using! If You get warnings from Minutestaff, Your account will be suspended. Your PHW money will be set to zero.
Please understand us, and thank You for Your good work!